CW Write-a-thon Update: Week 0.5

Three days of write-a-thon (WAT) have passed, and I’m off to a schizophrenic start. I envisioned this summer’s goal as drafting a new novel, but in the run-up to WAT I tried on three or four novel ideas, none of which seem to fit. Most are too small, one is too big, and none of their colors are flattering on me.

So then a strange thing happened: I re-read the abandoned novel from last summer and said, “This isn’t so bad.” At this point, there’s nothing I can say concretely about what I will write this summer (which, when I think about it, is generally the case). But, I promise to write.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:
Day 1: wrote 1600 words on theoretical current novel project. At the end of the day, I felt very “meh” about it, and not excited to keep writing (always a good sign). So . . .
Day 2: wrote a 900-word zombie story called “10 Things to Do in Los Angeles After You Die.”
Day 3: wrote 600 words on last year’s novel project, while on a plane. It may not seem like a lot to some, but I am very proud.

Due to life happening, output may fluctuate. But in the meantime, here’s an excerpt. Guess which one it’s from!

1) Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills

Breaking out of your grave will be the hardest part. Remember not to panic; you’re already dead. Once you punch and kick and claw your way to the surface, take a moment to enjoy the serenity of Forest Lawn’s rolling hills. Visit some of your famous neighbors—Lucille Ball, Liberace, and Buster Keaton among them—if they’re home. You’re more likely to meet Lucy and the others shambling over the hills to feast on the brains of star-struck tourists. Though small, these brains are highly prized by Los Angeles area living dead.

2 thoughts on “CW Write-a-thon Update: Week 0.5

  1. Awesome to hear that you're writing again!!! I've written 9K (horrible) words this week and I'm pretty proud of myself. Maybe we'll both have a novel done by the end of the summer!!

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