CW Write-a-thon: Week 1.5

Okay, so this post is late. Like a first-year college student, I’m filled with excuses, but no dog can eat the Internet (or can it? story idea?), so I’ve no real defense. This is late. What of it?

In the first three days of week two I wrote 600, then 800, then 1300 words of the novel project. Will this pattern of increase hold into days 4-7? I’m not telling.

In sponsorship news, I learned today that I’ve raised $15 so far. Yay! If you feel like donating even a tiny amount in my name, go here.

Ari struggled, pulling her hands from the not-blind woman’ bony grip. It only took her a second, but that was much too long. When she looked up, they stood face to face in a desert landscape of dirt and trembling skinny trees. A breeze ruffled the loose hairs behind Ari’s ears and spread goose pimples up her bare arms, and she marveled at how easily her mind and her eyes accepted the fact of teleportation, yet how her body rebelled.
She staggered, head pounding. The name Catherine sung like a plucked string in her mind.

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