Things to read

I’ve been terribly remiss, letting published works by my brilliant friends sit and sit without my pimpage. So here’s the backlog, things you should read (in other words, things I have finally read):

“Double Dutch,” by Lauren Dixon is at Scapezine. This is a sick story if ever I read one, but a haunting, beautiful tale too. Reading it made my belly hurt. In a good way.

“Surviving the eBookalypse,” by Randy Henderson can be read/heard at Escape Pod. It’s a silly story of what the future might hold for writers and readers. Eek.

• Speaking of Escape Pod, read or listen to “The Ghost of a Girl Who Never Lived,” by Keffy R. M. Kehrli there. Sad and moving.

• And on its sister site, Pseudopod, “A Study in Flesh and Mind” by Liz Argall will drain you from the inside out. Again, in a good way.

“So Glad We Had this Time Together,” by Cat Rambo is at Apex Magazine. Funny and spooky, this chronicles the danger of reality TV. Or something like that. You can also read excerpts from her WIP novel, The Easter Bunny Must Die at her blog. Read them now, before she gets a novel contract and has to take this down!

Dang! Seeing all that talent in one place makes me feel lazy. I’m gonna go write something.

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