If you’re interested in my editing services, please drop me a line at eskaftun at gmail dot com.

I can handle anything from simple proofreading or copyediting to developmental editing. I love fiction, but am equally open to resumes and cover letters, scholarly papers (I’ve got years of Composition teaching under my belt), memoirs, graphic novels (why not?), or whatever else you need. If it has words, those words (and their punctuation!) can have errors. I can fix them.

Let me know in your email what level of editing you’re looking for. If you’d like a bid on a large project, send me the first few pages as an attachment in MS Word format. I’ll use your sample to work up a quote for the whole project, as well as to give you a sample of the work you’ll receive.

Prices start at $1 per page! However, that’s a pretty meaningless measurement; for a quote please email me with the details of your project. I’ll quote you a price for the entire job, based on how long I think it will take me and how quickly you need it turned around. That quoted price is what you’ll pay, even if I err in my calculations and under-bid.

Questions? Please ask me!

Please note that I’m not taking on many projects these days due to having a full-time editing gig. If I turn down your project please take no offense.


Why should you trust me to be your editor?

• I have two degrees in Creative Writing.
• I’ve worked in an editorial capacity for four magazines and two newspapers.
• I’ve taught college-level writing for five years.
• My master’s thesis, a 220-page novel, had only ONE typo–a letter that should have been capitalized.
• I catch dozens of errors in each published novel that I read.



For over ten years I’ve gone to Emily with my editing needs, as she quickly earned a reputation amongst friends for being “the best proofreader ever.” I’ve always been fairly proficient with the English language and more than once worked in writing-related positions, but I’ve picked up tips and tricks from Emily that I frequently use, and I always go to her when something must be done absolutely right. When I applied to graduate school one set of required essays had ridiculously low word counts (tell us your life story, why you want to be in grad school, why this program, and what your future goals are in 350 words). Emily took me through the incredibly painful process of cutting my essays in half, word by word, and somehow came out with a product that retained my voice (though slightly less of my life story, and a LOT less unnecessary verbiage). Professional or personal, if you need something edited, there’s no one I’d trust more than Emily.

Sarah Dale Schwald, sarahdaleschwald.com 


I’ve worked with Emily both at Every Day Fiction and on the Transmedia Campaign for Animism: The Gods’ Lake, and she has been top-notch. Like, top-notch as in “making me work my ass off just to keep up with her” top-notch. In addition to her editing experience she also has a few minor academic credentials like an MFA and a few years teaching composition at various institutes of higher learning, but I don’t hold those against her. If you’re looking for a second pair of eyes on that novel or short story you’ve been putting together I’d urge you contact Emily.

Jordan Ellinger, jordanellinger.com