about emily

Emily C. Skaftun is a speculative fiction writer, editor, and irony enthusiast. Her debut short story collection, Living Forever & Other Terrible Ideas, was published in November 2020 by Fairwood Press. She has co-founded two online magazines, saved the last Norwegian-American newspaper from extinction, judged a Scandinavian haiku contest (haikuff-da!), and worked as Creative Content Editor for the award-winning magazine Stranger’s Guide. Emily lives in Seattle with a furry house monster named Basilisk and plays roller derby as V. Lucy Raptor.

In her travels, Emily has cuddled a Cuban crocodile, attended Elf School in Reykjavík, swam in a Yucatán cenote, practiced taxidermy in a medieval Italian village, and flown over an active volcano. She’s spent time backpacking Europe, living in London squats, and exploring North America while living in a VW Jetta.

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For freelance editing, writing, and design projects, contact eskaftun (at) gmail (dot) com.